Since retiring from the Army in 2015, Joshua Murray has advocated for more accountability and transparency in local government. Voicing his concerns about the irregularities, planning and operations of local city government, Josh became a catalyst in the City of Lavon hiring an Administrator (City Manager), updating the city’s code of regulations and establishing a long-term Capital Improvement Plan.

In the last year, Josh has attended nearly every Collin County Commissioners Court meeting and spoken during public comments. Josh is an outspoken advocate for improved living/working conditions in our county jail, increasing entry-level pay for county employees, and eliminating residential incentives for developers. Since COVID began, Josh has reiterated the importance of the court to properly plan, distribute data to the People of Collin County, and to work collaboratively with the municipalities within the county for a more effective and efficient emergency response to this pandemic.
Through his service in the Army and work in residential construction, Josh has extensive experience in emergency management and operations that are the key responsibilities of the County Judge. Josh worked with the leaders of Kandahar to establish and/or improve essential services including sewer, water, electricity, trash, medical, security, and education. Josh’s deployments helped him to develop a better understanding of civil affairs, government operations, and the importance of the government’s responsibility to provide essential services to the People they are meant to serve.
Josh will continue fighting for the things that matter most to the people of Collin County: competitive pay for all county employees to keep our county safe, investments in infrastructure that are sustainable, and to create a government that supports growth without the use of real estate incentives for developers. As County Judge, Josh is committed to a more Accountable & Transparent Collin County that is respectful of ALL people he is elected to serve, and he hopes to earn your vote.